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But everything is "Out of Stock"...

Send a Critter Request

Often you will find that the items in my shop are sold out. This is because each item is handmade by only me with the most care and love possible. This is a slow process that is hard to speed up for retail sales. Therefore when my items are available for sale they usually sell quickly. In this case you will have to wait for the next website sale to shop (subscribe to my website for an email reminder a few hours before each sale)

However, going forward into the less busy season I will take at least 2 requests a month for pieces that are sold out. So head over to the shop and find the piece you wanted and send me a message here to request your critter. 


Request your Critter

This request form is for existing designs from the shop.
At this time I am not taking requests for pet replicas or customer designed pieces. 
You will be contacted within 5 business days with a response to your request. If you are chosen and your request is processed, payment is required before production of the piece. 
Thank you! 

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